Focon Indoor Game Machines Manufacturing Company

Focon Game Machines Manufacturer is one of the best solution provider. Focon is the biggest manufacturer of the OEM and ODM manufacturer of the amusement games. Focon Animation is truly committed to the production, development, sales and game center cooperation of the claw crane machine, prize vending machine, Arcade game machine, street basketball machine etc.

Focon Animation is the leading manufacturing company of the arcade machines. Focon Animation is also a trusted supplier of the arcade amusement game machines.

Products Offered By Focon Game Machines:

Following are the products that have been offered by the Focon Game Machines Manufacturing Company:

1.      Claw Crane Machine

Claw Crane Machines are one of the best arcade machines, which are liked by visitors tremendously. Kids and elders have to try the machine at least once. So, claw crane machines bring a lot of revenue.

Focon Animation offers varied 10 types of claw crane machines. Following are our best picks of those machines:

  1. British Stylish Telephone Style Claw Crane Machine
  2. Customized Claw Vending Machine (Black in Color)
  • 2 Players Mini Toy Prize Claw Machine
  1. Mini Romantic Full House Toy Machine
  2. Newest Style Wish Gift Arcade Machine
  3. Pink Date Cut Big Arcade Machine
  • Pink Style Crane Claw Toy Game Machine

claw machines

2.      Basketball Machines

It is another most popular and most amusing arcade games machine. Each vendor would stop by and at least attempt throwing the ball into the basket once. There are seven basketball machines altogether. Following are the best picks among them:

  1. Cheap Standard Basketball Arcade Machine
  2. Coin-Operated Basketball Machine
  • Luxury Lighting Arcade Basketball Machine
  1. Mini Arcade Machine Kids Basketball Machine

Street Basketball Machine

3.      Gashapon Machines

Gashapon are the most interesting arcade machines available in the arcade area. There are different 11 Gashapon machines offered by the Focon Game Machines. Our most favorite ones include Best Mini Toy Gumball Capsule Gashapon. Another absolute favorite is Princess Carriage Gashapon machine. Rest of the nine are customized Gashapon machines with interesting themes.

Space gashapon Machine

4.      Bumper Cars

If there are no bumper cars, what kind of arcade area it would be?

Bumper cars refresh our moods, reinvigorate our spirits and rekindle our enthusiasm. There are 7 bumper cars offered by Focon Animation. All of them are made of study and top-quality material. Our favorite ones include Car F1 Racing Cart, Car Go-Kart, Kiddie Bumper Car and Four-Wheel Drive Kid.

How much is a bumper car

Conclusion: Focon Animation manufactures the highest quality games machines  So, you will pay money for the value.

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