Claw Machine for sale

If you need to attract traffic to your mall, store, event site, or bar and restaurant, the Claw Crane Machine can meet your needs. With its familiar prize system and tricky gameplay, the claw machine is an exciting addition to any space. Furthermore, you can customize your prizes to fit any context.

The claw machine is immediately recognizable around the world. Where many arcade games require a learning curve, the claw machine makes its gameplay obvious from the get-go. Moreover, it can be highly challenging, meaning that as people try again and again, you can expect high profits for a small initial investment.

Now, not only can you buy cheap and good quality Claw Game Machine in Focon Animation, but also customize claw machines for you according to your ideas .

Why customize claw machine?

custom claw machines

Exclusive Activting

claw machine Theme Experience Center

Exclusive Theme Experience Center

Exclusive Brand Style

What you can coutomized for your claw machine?

Free Custom Logo

Lable theproduct with your own label

Free Custom Sticker

Your style is up to you

Free Custom Outward

We can make your idea come true

Free Custom Structure

Reasonable layout of equipment structure

Free Custom Music

You can also customize the device’s voice

Free Custom Play

When you want a new gaming device, we can help you do it.

The Cases of Custom Claw Machine from Focon Animation

500+ brands cooperate with us to customize claw machines

Why choose us for Custom Claw Machine

What offers to you is not only products,

but also products combination plan to help you save more cost and create higher profits for you.

15-years OEM Manufacture experience

Professional design team

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Now, please tell us your idea, we will make your idea trun to claw machines