Basketball arcade machine for sale

The basketball acrade machine is also called basketball shooting machine or street basketball machine. It is a game machine that separates the shooting action in basketball. After the player starts the game by coin insertion, one basketball after another appears in front of the player for the player to shoot the ball, allowing the player to quickly throw one ball after another into the basket. When the prescribed time has elapsed, the supply of basketball to the player is immediately stopped. At this time, the number of times the basket was hit was accumulated, and the result of the game was obtained on basketball machine.

Focon Amusement provided high quality and cheap price indoor basketball arcade game machine for sale,include training basketball machine, luxury basketball game machine, mini basketball game machine. As 15-year OEM Manufacture, you can custom your basketball arcade machines, contact us and turn your idea for your basketball machines.

Application of Basketball Machine?

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Exclusive Activting

claw machine Theme Experience Center

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All Type of Basketball Bachines for sale

Standard Type

Standard basketball arcader machine
  • size:
  • Stand-alone game
  • Sheet thickness :1mm
  • packing size:
  • standard pattern area
  • 60w speaker
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Luxury Type

Luxury basketball arcader machine
  • size:
  • Online competition
  • Sheet thickness :1.2mm
  • packing size:
  • custome pattern area
  • 60w speaker
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Luxury Lighting Arcade Street Basketball Game Machine

Luxury Lighting basketball Machine

Size: H2210*L900*W2210mm
Weight: 200KG
Voltage: 110~240V
Power: 200W

Mini Arcade Game Machine Kids Basketball Machine

Children basketball machine

Size: H2210*L900*W2210mm
Weight: 200KG
Voltage: 110~240V
Power: 200W

What you can coutomized for your Basketball Machine?

Free Custom Logo

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Free Custom Sticker

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Free Custom Outward

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Free Custom Structure

Reasonable layout of equipment structure

Free Custom Music

You can also customize the device’s voice

Free Custom Play

When you want a new gaming device, we can help you do it.

The Cases of Basketabll Aacade Machines

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