Why more and more people want to engage in the claw machine business

claw machine business

The magic of the claw crane machine is that as long as you bring a female friend or a child, you can’t help but stop walking once you pass by, and send out “Wow, this toys is so cute”, and then you will stare at you, then the question comes Now, are you catching it?

This is also a doll machine that has become a choice for many investments. Think of a doll machine with low cost, and generally can pay back in 2 months. If the scale is formed and dozens of units are placed, the profit will be considerable.

It can be said that the claw machine takes a long time to operate. After the cost is recovered, the longer the time, the more stable the claw machine provides the cumulative increase in revenue.

Although the claw machine business sounds so good, it still requires strategy to operate the calw machine.

The two most important points of the claw machine, location and the appearance of calw machine.

claw machine business

  1. The location of the claw machine

If the claw machine is placed in the vegetable market, although there are a lot of people,but a few people want to catch the toys. Why? Because the people in the vegetable market are thinking about buying vegetables, and most of the people who buy food are over 40 years old, which is not compatible with the Positioning of claw machine; but if the claw machine is placed in the mall or amusement park, because most of the contacts It is young people and families who play out with a happy and casual mentality. Furthermore, it is necessary to line up for eating and watching movies in the mall. At this time, in order to pass the time, they will consider grabbing the toys on the claw machine.

Therefore, it is recommended to place the calw machine in large department stores, theaters and other places. It is also necessary to pay attention to the entrance on the first floor, the periphery of the straight ladder, the infant consumption area, and the entrance to the supermarket. It is not recommended to place them, such as KTV, catering floors, cinema floors, and leisure spots.

claw machine business

  1. The appearance of calw machine.

As a good claw machine, the appearance is very important.

The good-looking appearance is not only attractive, but also more in line with the shape of the doll and improves the value of the doll. Therefore, you need to choose a unique and beautiful-looking doll machine that allows people to spend money to catch the toys.


claw machine business

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