What are the functions of a good bumper car

What are the functions of a good bumper car

What are the functions of a good bumper car

Bumper cars are amusement products that many people like. Both adults and children are very fond of bumper cars. Bumper cars are also divided into different types depending on the occupants. There are adult bumper cars, children bumper cars, ground net bumper cars, and battery bumper cars. , Double bumper cars, etc. So, what functions will a good bumper car have?

How much is a bumper car

1. Realize its basic operation requirements: it can realize forward, backward, left-right and U-turn, rotation and other functions, and some bumper cars do not have the backward function;

2. Full digital display of the control system: the running time of the bumper car can be set, ranging from 1-99 minutes. When the time is up, it will automatically shut down and stop running;

3. Bright and colorful decoration: Generally, bumper cars will carry light effects, and bumper cars produced by Golden Sunlight can use wireless remote control to activate the lights of the bumper cars to increase the interest of the players;

4. The bumper car controller can be built-in music player to support SD card, or use USB interface for U disk playback or mobile phone to play different music.

In the process of playing bumper cars, fasten seat belts to protect yourself and their safety.

What are the functions of a good bumper car

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