How much is a bumper car for sale

How much is a bumper car

Bumper cars are one of the must-have items for children ’s rides, and they are also a favorite game for children. Adults accompanied children in the bumper car area to collide violently. The fun is endless, but after all, the main target is children. Safety is the first priority. Therefore, when buying bumper cars, businesses should pay attention to quality, not cheap, and buy bumper cars that are prone to problems.
How much is a bumper car

How much is a bumper car

How much is a bumper car? There is no uniform price for bumper cars. Generally, the price of bumper cars is about 1,000 yuan, and the more expensive quality is more than 2,000. If there are hundreds of yuan, the difference between the bumper cars and the usual ones should be careful.

Precautions when buying a bumper car:

1. The power part, that is, the transmission method of the motor and the driving wheel, this is the most important part of the bumper car, and it is also a vulnerable part. The motor drive should be designed reasonably to avoid burning the motor; the quality of the wheel is crucial, and it must be wear-resistant and replaced easily.

2. The control part, that is, the circuit control part that controls the operation of the entire car, music, and lights can work normally. Some manufacturers design advanced circuits, and the publicity is small, but customers should consider whether simple faults can be used by themselves. Solve, whether the whole car can run normally even if the circuit is damaged, which is directly linked to your income. Therefore, when choosing, lighting, music, and control are all necessary, but the simpler the circuit part, the better. You can solve the problem at any time.

3. The manufacturer’s after-sales service guarantee. After-sales service is a major focus. Now there is after-sales service guarantee for buying things. When buying a bumper car, you must carefully communicate to confirm the after-sales, whether the after-sales charges, etc.,
How much is a bumper car
Precautions for playing bumper cars for children

1. Children under ten years old should not play bumper cars. Children’s muscles, ligaments, bones, and connective tissue are not mature, and they are prone to sprains and bruises when subjected to strong vibrations;

2. The bumper car manufacturer introduces that you should not extend your hand outside the cockpit when riding the bumper car; try to let parents and adults accompany you to avoid accidents.

3. The bumper car manufacturer reminds you to lean back and fasten your seat belt when riding;

4. Although the bumper car is a toy type car, it also has the characteristics of a real car, so try to hold the steering wheel with both hands and look at all directions. Think calmly.

How much is a bumper car

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