How to Start business of Claw Crane Machine – Part 3

For the operation of the claw machine. Small profits but quick turnover must be achieved in the early stage of operation. You must interact with customers and tell them what material the doll is made of. Over time, a culture will be formed, such as introducing the story of the doll itself or the story of the doll machine itself to the customer, so that customers who come to consume have more of the doll and the doll machine. Recognize, form a positive cultural atmosphere in subtle changes, not just grab dolls or exchange for dolls;

The choice of dolls should be determined according to the consumer group and conform to the psychology of the consumer group. For couples and students, in addition to considering time background and environmental factors, doll selection is generally more creative, personalized, novel and unique, such as couples participating in park activities and playing machines. In fact, it is an intimate social behavior. Both are ways to enhance emotional communication. They care more about the interaction of the process and the memorial value of the doll. The dolls must be fresh in nature, meet environmental protection standards, and use materials that are durable;

claw machine business

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