How to Choose the Claw Crane Machine – Part 2

1. Accuracy. In the selection of machines, it must be ensured that the accuracy of the machine is very high. Many of the cheaper machines on the market generally have the disadvantage that the accuracy is not high enough. If you want to set it to 20 coins to successfully grab it once, you must always accurately grab it once with 20 coins, and there must be no deviation. And the Claw machines of Focon Animation with many years of experience can do this well, and this is one of the reasons why the Claow machine can be exported. High accuracy is the essence of the claw crane machines, which is the fundamental to ensure revenue;

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2. Durability. There is another requirement for choosing a Claw machine: durability. High-quality Claw Crane machines can often be used for more than 10 years under normal conditions, and a low failure rate is also one of the criteria for judging the quality of a claw machine. Venue operators must not be tempted to take advantage of the short-term and affect the normal operation in the future;

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3. Brightness. The appearance of the doll machine should be fresh and eye-catching, and strict requirements should also be placed on the brightness control of the Claw machine. Make sure that the color of the doll is perfectly displayed under the appropriate brightness. . Therefore, the operating room must strictly test the luminosity before use. For example, Focon Animation uses LED lights. Not only the accessories can reach 10 years, but the brightness is also just right. This is also a point that many store operators have failed to do.

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