The Fun and Exercise Street Basketball Machine for The Event

The fun and exercise Street Basketball Machine, whether it is used to attract popularity at the event site, or to be profitable in the store, to buy home to exercise with the family for fun, or to relax during the company’s rest, the benefits of basketball machine are more and more.

A few basketball machines in the event scene can ignite the atmosphere of the event scene, playing alone to break through their own historical records, multi-player online score competitions, men and women can participate in it is simply a matter of fun.

Focon Animation has 15 years of experience in the art game industry. The quality of the basketball Game machine is guaranteed. There is no second-hand price difference in the supply of the factory. With the “customer first” business philosophy and the industry’s cutting-edge craftsmanship, we strive to give you the best basketball machine purchase experience.

 Street Basketball Machine  Street Basketball Machine  Street Basketball Machine  Street Basketball Machine

Client :

Zhongshan LINKCO

Date :

March 19, 2020

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